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Ashley Jeun - Text Encoding

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My Favorite Characters in Game of Thrones


Tyrion Lannister

One of the most cunning and versatile characters in the show, Tyrion proves loyal to his family banner although unwilling to lose his rationality at any cost. Despite many who look down on his physical dwarf stature, Tyrion remains the only humorous, logical, and good-hearted individual to live under the Lannister name.

Random interesting facts about the character

  • In reality this actor is really well-educated
  • He is a dedicated vegetarian in real life




Daenerys Targaryen

Otherwise known as The Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi is not only a powerful figure with fiery dragons at her back but also a kind-hearted leader who attempts to liberate all those who are enslaved. She was previously mislead and taken advantage by her brother, but she ultimately shows her inner strength once she realizes that her brother's intentions are directed toward selfish purpose whereas her intentions lie within caring for her people.

Random interesting facts about this character

  • I love her outfits throughout the entire show
  • She has dark brown hair in real life instead of white blonde



More fascinating information on Tyrion and Khaleesi



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