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The King of the Jungle



A lion is not only beautiful, but also STRONG


Although they can be vicious when hunting or protecting their own, lions tend to be very affectionate .

That's right, just like many of us lions also love to snuggle up and and have their head rubbed.They can also sleep for up to 20 hours consecutively. ( no wonder I identify with them so much)






For the most part, lions tend to be brown. However, there is also white lions and black lions. They are the most majestic looking creatures in my opinion.








It is very sad to see that half of the lion population has been reduced since the 1950's in Africa. Now adays, fewer than 21,000 lions can be found in all of Africa. This is due to hunting and the scarcity of food resources for them. 



What can we do?

There is many things we can do to save these big cats:



  • For once we could stop taking away their home. Numbers have gone down at a rapid rate becuase their habitats have been used for farmland and livestock production.
  • Or get informed and maybe join an organization that is already working on saving them


    To get more information on such organizations you can click here and join the cause!

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