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Sinead Leon - Text Analysis 1

Page history last edited by Sinead Leon 5 years, 1 month ago


1. Using one of the texts from my last practicum, The tragedie of HAMLET, the Prince of Denmarke by William Shakespeare, I began experimenting with Voyant Tools. Words such as, "the" "and" "a" appeared as the most frequently used in the text at first.

2. Using the word block list I was able to "clean" the search up and get more significant words rather than "the" and "that".

3. Using the Cirrus option, you are able to see the frequency in which most words occur throughout the text. The picture seems depicts a giant cloud of words, in which the most commom ones appear larger in size than those that are not so frequently used. For the chosen text, the most frequent ones were Lord, Haue, and hamlet which seem relevant to the poem that we were analyzing.

4. Another great tool that you can find in Voyant Tools is the word plots that it makes for you. You select a word and it will create a plot based on the frequency of the it in the text. It is a neat way of showing you at which points throughout it appears the most.

5. I could not find a way to access other tools on Voyant Tools, so I decided to move on to AntConc. Hoewever, I also was very confused on how to operate the system and the only things that I was able to do was find the frequency of a word. In order to do so I had to search for the specific word, I was not able to find a way for it to show much all of the repetitive ones such as Voyant Tools did.

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