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Lindsay Blackie - Text Analysis 2

Page history last edited by Lindsay Blackie 5 years, 3 months ago

Working in AntConc, it was a lot easier to navigate the tools if I could compare works. So I decided to try two works by Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden and A Little Princess


Out of curiosity, I decided to make a concordance plot in the books over the word 'cried'. 

So crying occurs in about equal amounts in the books, but the distribution is very different. In The Secret Garden, it is clearly something that is spread out, whereas A Little Princess has it clustered in very specific moments. So this helps show how The Secret Garden is a novel that starts in tragedy and constant works through it, whereas A Little Princess begins with nearly perfect happiness, but then hardship takes over. 


For fun, I also looked up what was the frequency of the word garden in The Secret Garden


When I looked up cluster types around the word 'cried' there were only 49 types between the two boos. The most common were:

So mostly this was used in conjunction with names, but the most common by far was simply 'cried out'.


Voyant refused to load any of the corpus works, it would say it was loading and then never actually show anything, so I was unable to experiment with this. 

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