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Sinead Leon- Text Analysis 2

Page history last edited by Sinead Leon 5 years, 2 months ago

Last practicum I experimented with the Voyant Tools program and was able to figure out the frequency of words and even plot them. I also tried with AntConc, but I was unable to figure it out. This time I added two more texts and found that it is more successful that way. The texts I used are The tragedie of HAMLET, Prince of Denmarke by William Shakespeare, The Knight's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer, and The Enormous Room by E.E Cummings. 

I made a concordance plot based on the word Lord. Hamlet was the one text that showed the word in an excessive amount. Also baed on them you can observe that the majority of it appears at the beginning of the text.

Next I made a concordance and was able to see when the word appears.


And lastly I made a cluster table. The most was 18 words in a cluster and that was in the Hamlet text.

I tried to download Lexos again, but I was not able to get it to work again.


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