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Ashley Jeun - Text Analysis 2

Page history last edited by Ashley Jeun 4 years, 11 months ago

In Text Analysis 1, I experimented with Voyant Tools. This time I experimented with both Lexos and Antconc:



(1) I uploaded and scrubbed, respectively, the texts of "Persuasion," "Attila," and "Man of the Forest." 


(2) I then proceeded to collect these samples and view them from as a multicloud. The most frequent words seemed to be of names and titles, such as "lady," "captain," "king," and "God." However I found the text of "Man of the Forest" to have more inconsistent findings when compared to "Persuasion" and "Attila."


(3) I analyzed these texts through the similarity query option. Here, I first used "Man of the Forest" as the comparison file to see how close (or unclose) the text was in similarity with the other two texts. I found that the low cosine similarity of "Attila" and "Persuasion" in comparison to the file of "Man of the Forest" proves they are of different reference and genre to the third text


(4) I used "Persuasion" as the next comparison file to prove its higher cosine similarity to "Attila."



(1) I used the text of "Persuasion" in this program. I found the concordance of the term "love," which occurred 42 times in the novel.


(2) I clicked the next tab and found the concordance plot of "love." Through this plot I was able to see where the word occurred most often: during the middle-end of the novel.


(3) I modified the sample text to see the clusters of words surrounding the term "love" most often.


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