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Ginny Chung - Social Network Analysis

Page history last edited by Ginny Chung 5 years, 1 month ago

I decided to graph the story of Sleeping Beauty. I took notes of every interaction between characters, whether they were talking or casting a spell on the other. It got confusing at times, because I wasn't sure where to put the character once I started graphing.  I wanted the graph to look as neat as possible, and it was hard to contemplate which characters should go where.

ID 4, fairy 1, has an arrow pointing to herself, because in the story, she decides to hide herself to be the last fairy to cast a spell on the princess. It's interesting to see that the Queen doesn't play as big of a role as the King. And the only interaction the princess has with other people are the old woman and the prince. Yet, the story is revolved around her. It's interesting to see how small of a role can play such as big part. 

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