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Project Development Site

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Development Tasks 


Development Resources

Phase 1 Tasks (Preliminary Research)

Our Shared Workspace

Focal Corpus

Comparison Corpora

History of Children's Lit

Research Question(s)


Phase 2 Tasks (Analysis)

Text Analysis (Ginny, Sinead, Eve, Jennifer)

Topic Modeling (Alec, Lindsay, Maithy, Aaron, Ashley)

[Social Network Analysis]



Flow chart of class project design

P hase 1 Tasks (Preliminary Research)


  • Task 1: finalize list of children's fiction: (Lindsay, Aaron)
    • Continue downloading and organizing children's fiction from the 1880's
    • Create spreadsheet
      • gender
      • nationalities
      • genre
    • Suggest 9 works to human read
  • Task 2: select a few contemporary works of children's fiction: (Ashley & Jennifer)
  • Task 3: history of children's fiction (Ginny, Maithy, Sinead)
    • Continue researching children's lit, and children in Victorian era
    • Add citations and notes to the project development page (this page).
  • Task 4: organize chronological scope of the study (Alec, Eve)
    • Continue organizing the main corpus for 1880s
    • Create sub-spreadsheet and subfolders
  • Task 5: looking for research question.
    • Possibilities: pronouns, gender differences (authors, characters), vocabulary
  • Task 6: set up Google Drive space and PBWorks in organized way; scripts for segmenting texts



Our Shared Project Working Spaces


  • Project Development Site page (current page on PBWorks)
  • English 197 Google Drive: "english197"
    • Subfolders on the Google Drive space to be created as appropriate
  • Local folders on workstations in South Hall 2509
    • C:/english197


       Normal working procedure:

  • Work in local folder on your computer or on lab workstation
  • Upload to the Google Drive space as appropriate


Focal Corpus - Children's Fiction of the 1880's


Novel to read  Reader
Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott
Little Lord Fauntleroy by France Hodgson Burnett
The New Forest Spy by George Manville Fenn 
Polly: A New Fashioned Girl by L.T. Meade
The Fifth Form at St. Dominics by Talbot Baines Reed
Elsie at Nantucket by Martha Finley
Elsie at the World's Fair by Martha Finley
Post Haste by Robert Michael Ballantyne
Twice Bought by Robert Michael Ballantyne Aaron



Comparison Corpora


  • Source:
  • Our comparison corpus:
  • Selected contemporary children's books?


History of Children's Literature


        Resources Consulted:



Research Question(s)

  • Compare 1880's children's fiction to main corpus in same decade
  • (possibly compare to another decade in the main corpus)
  • (possibly compare to contemporary children's lit)




Phase 2 Tasks (Analysis)


  • Current tasks: getting set up to work and doing experiments
  • By next time: serious experiments ("observing" the novels with digital tools)
  • Each team should keep observations/questions/notes in a "log"




Text Analysis Team (log) 


  • Vocabulary frequency & collocation analysis (Ginny, Sinead, Eve, Jennifer)
    • Antconc
      • Useful tutorials:
      • Resources to supplement use of Antconc:
        • Reference corpora: (reference corpora that we have have been uploaded to our Google Drive here)
          • Brown Corpus ("Standard Corpus of Present-Day American English consists of 1,014,312 wordsl of running text of edited English prose printed in the United States during the calendar year 1961")
            (download from our class Google Drive here; load as "word list" into Antconc using Tool Preferences > Keyword List Preferences)
          • British National Corpus ("The British National Corpus (BNC) is a 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language from a wide range of sources, designed to represent a wide cross-section of British English, both spoken and written, from the late twentieth century") (Alan has applied for download)
          • Corpus of Late Modern English Texts (Alan has applied for download)
          • Corpus of English Novels   (Alan has applied for download)
    •  Voyant Tools (helpful tutorial from Pedagogy Toolkit with tips and examples for classroom use of Voyant)
    • Coh-Metrix (each tool requires signing up for a separate login)
    • Lexos - Integrated Lexomics Workflow ("online tool ... to "scrub" (clean) your text(s), cut a text(s) into various size chunks, manage chunks and chunk sets, and choose from a suite of analysis tools for investigating those texts. Functionality includes building dendrograms, making graphs of rolling averages of word frequencies or ratios of words or letters, and playing with visualizations of word frequencies including word clouds and bubble visualizations")



Topic Modeling (log) 





Social Network Analysis (for later stage of project)


  • Gephi ("interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs") (see Gephi Tutorials)
  • yEd ("downloadable and online diagramming tools.  Functions include the automatic layout of networks and diagrams: "the yFiles library offers the user many advantages, one of which is its ability to automatically draw networks and diagrams. yFiles layout algorithms enable the clear presentation of flow charts, UML diagrams, organization charts, genealogies, business process diagrams, etc.")




























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